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A professional showgirl that happens to specialize in Sword Swallowing. Traveler. This is a collection of my photos and dope shit.

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On the road to #Turku with our good friends, the legendary #swingshiftsideshow (!) for a weekend of badass shows 🔪🔪🔪 Tonight Circus of Horrors and tomorrow Cirque Erotique - both nights at #logomo  🔪🔪🔪 #performer #showlife #badass #daredevil #sideshow #circus #fun #friends
Croatian press for our show this Friday 13th in Zagreb!  Excited to perform in the motherland! #imhalfcroatian #halfnomad #showlife #performers #circus #sideshow #Croatia #Friday13th #press #media
Mycustom Jimmy Buddha designs PINK machete bed!
This machete bed will remain in Austin, Texas until I make my return… :)
Photo taken at this years Freaks and Fetish/Dallas Suscon Afterparty.. it got a little wild, didn’t it?

PS. added a new header image from my amazing first meeting with Danger Ninja (love that dude!)Wearing Carnie Couture & Diablo Organics earings
As well as updated my header text and info about booking :)
Remember I’ll be IN LONDON SEPT 26th- OCT 7th so if you would like to book me, get in touch, I now have a PDF press kit available for serious inquirers’.
They say ‘REDRUM’ or, if you catch them in a mirror ‘MURDER’
That’s me inside the giant disco ball I enter the stage in! - it’s from preview night so I am not yet wearing my NEW SMOKING HOT RED costume!
Lucky Hell press photo for the new Franco Dragone show ‘TABOO’  in the City of Dreams resort!
Crazy/bizarre day of dress rehearsal/media/press…. surreal would be the word… here is a pic of me and two of my fabulous cast members(with the fruit bowl the media co-ordinator gifted us with hahaha)!
#swordlove #swordswallower #Travishaight #LuckyHell #glamour #sideshow #fashion #tattoos  (Taken with instagram)
A collaboration between two people I LOVE in Portland, OR!
Photo by Travis Haight
High Waisted show painties by Carnie Couture
Muah by me!
I can now officially announce that I have just signed a contract with Franco Dragone (creator of the Cirque Du Soleil we now know/recognize) Entertainment Group to join a 3 month cabaret run at the prestigious Cubic Club, in Macau this summer! The project is an eclectic mix of 22 international artists all hand picked for this brand new night time experience in what is dubbed the ‘Vegas of Asia’ … I could not be more excited, this is HUGE for me! And I leave in a little under 3 weeks!

- thanks to http://electricscarsandfleshlights.tumblr.com/ for the cirque du soleil correction
from the vault: 2008 Helsinki Sideshow Night
My first time speaking on stage, I felt sick!  And didn’t do it again for another 3 years!
Cool image of me #performing at #Paris #tattooconvention  last year #luckyhell  #fire #sideshow  #entertainer #highend  (Taken with instagram)
late #flashbackfriday more like #sentimentsunday
me and my #love performing in Oaxaca, Mexico 2011
from the vault: by my talented and beautiful friend Karine Bey Photography
shot in Paris, 2011 (haha how quickly time flies!)

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