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A professional showgirl that happens to specialize in Sword Swallowing. Traveler. This is a collection of my photos and dope shit.

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Can’t sleep so I’m posting this dope photo of me swallowing my giant rapier, naked, in freezing Iceland earlier this year ✌️ #brainmeltmonday #sleepless #swordswallower #iceland #inthebuff
It is my BIRTHDAY in less than a week!  I keep receiving messages asking if I have a wishlist… I do not but if you really want to buy me something, you can contribute to my ‘New Swords’ bank account by sending me a donation in PayPal. If you send me a donation please add a message and your postal address with it so I can send you a thank you note!https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=NXGJWT7S8GC9Y
Had a really fun time last night at the private party. 
Here is a before+during shot. Before; I’m bundled up in my winter jacket because I had to walk outside in the freezing Finnish night to surprise the party! Was worth it though. During image I stole from Silver Prince (kitti!) I think I showed those gents a pretty good time… :)  See you soon, Milano! ♥
You know, just swallowing a sword after dinner!
My favorite image from my shoot with No Regrets, Morgan and Ink Fashion!

The amazing Lucky Hell!<3
Hair and mua- Morgan Panter
More seen in the premier issue of Ink Fashion Magazine
No Regrets Photography
Haha yes my tongue is split!
Live sword swallowing by Lucky Hell!
Freaks & Fetish
Dallas, TX
Getting up close and personal with some VIP guests at our preview night!
Lucky Hell freaking out the one and only (pornstar)Belladonna with a sword down her throat!
one more from Aaron Hawks
just a fun night out in Hollywood…
No smoke a mirrors with a dagger down your throat, baby
My Hollywood experience complete.  Become the spectacle we so detest.   Forcing reality upon the cardboard cut-out characters that make up this pretend city… 
photo by Aaron Hawks / death defying by moi

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